About Us May 18, 2023

50 Years and Beyond


As we celebrate Corcoran’s 50th Anniversary, I thought this would be a great time to share a little about the history of Corcoran and the path that led Austin & I to join this exceptional network of offices across the US and beyond!

Ok, I am going to try to dial back all the details and cram 50 years in a relatively concise synopsis…In 1973, with a $1000 loan, Barbara Corcoran (as seen in recent years on Shark Tank & in TV advertorials) started Corcoran at the age of 23.

In 1984 Pam Liebman joins the firm…Barbara makes her a partner in ’95 and Pam founds Corcoran Marketing Group, a division dedicated to the planning, design, marketing & sales of exceptional residential real estate development projects & launches an award-winning website (this happened about the same time as Realtor.com and before Zillow…talk about a trend setter!)

In 2001 Corcoran was purchased by Realogy (now Anywhere©), a publicly held real estate conglomerate with both brokerages and franchises within its portfolio. This is when Barbara leaves the company and Pam Liebman is tapped as President & CEO.

When the affiliate network launched in 2020, Stephanie Anton took on the role of Senior Vice President and accelerated the growth of the brand! Named President of the Affiliate Network in 2021, together, Anton & Liebman continue to see tremendous growth and record setting sales while maintaining the integrity of our brand, which is built on a focus on people and individual needs above number of transactions.

So, I have given you a quick history on Corcoran (pronounced Cor-cran…two syllables). Now, I also must share a few little-known facts about Austin Hill Realty. Did you know the firm is older than Austin?!?! Yep, we joke that he was named after the firm. Many think he started Austin Hill Realty, but it was, in fact, Lucy Hill…along with two partners in 1978. While I was already born (still a baby though…shew!), Austin came along the next year.

Fast forward to the collaboration of my firm, Three Oaks Realty, and Austin Hill Realty…that happened in 2020! Austin & I worked together at a previous firm and had a great mutual respect both personally and professionally. We decided our firms would be a perfect work marriage so, in the throes of a global pandemic, we renovated an office, pooled our resources, combined teams and were delighted with our expansion…then Corcoran came knocking. We resisted for months…but what can we say, their brand, message, mindset, technology & exposure…it was a perfect match! It’s rare that you meet people from all over the country that are so likeminded and not ego driven…but literally everyone we have encountered (and we have met hundreds at this point) from the Owner/Brokers to the Agents and Staff of every location are open, thoughtful, inclusive people! So, when we say Pam Liebman & Stephanie Anton maintain the integrity of the brand, we really mean the culture. It’s awe-inspiring!!

Today, Austin and I are still the owners of the firm, Corcoran Austin Hill Realty which is located at 251 Bull Street in Historic Savannah. We also offer full-service property management through Chatham Management and AHR Commercial handles all our client’s commercial sales, leasing, and management needs. With the expansion of Made of Savannah, a podcast, produced by Dee Daniels, and our longtime commitment to the community through the philanthropic efforts of Location Gallery, Peter Roberts-Director, we are committed to our community, our mission, and our growth! 

We look forward to continuing to expand our brokerage within the region, while maintaining the culture we are so proud & thankful to call our family!